Name: Christina

About me.. well there’s a story, ha!

Let’s see… I have several awesome things going on in my life that I am working very hard at …

  • I am the Catering Coordinator at the Hilton Garden Inn Suffolk Riverfront. Only had the job for a month or two now and it’s working out great! I get to help plan and detail all different kinds of events… meetings, birthday parties, retirement parties, anniversaries and of course, weddings! (my favorite)
  • I also work part-time at The Catering Place in Suffolk. Another awesome job! Great people and even better service!
  • On some weekends I pick up a shift at The Bennett’s Creek Farm Market (best place to grab an awesome meal on the go)
  • and of course, my cakes! I have been baking for several years. I worked and trained in a bakery for 3 years by a close friend of mine. She taught me everything I know about cakes. I have always enjoyed baking but I enjoy decorating so much that I decided to pick it up as a hobby.
  • I am a part-time student studying to become a graphic designer. I have yet to finalize my specialty in this field but I enjoy creating layouts and subject themes for things like layouts and marketing materials (i.e: brochures, flyers & business cards). I realized this was the profession I needed to pursue a degree in when I join my high school yearbook staff in 2008. My first year was a wonderful learning experience and led to me becoming the Editor my next and what I thought would be my final year. I loved it soo much that I just couldn’t walk away from it. I have been assisting my high school ever since in creating their yearbook theme, layouts and spreads year after year.  I am hopeful that one day I will have the chance to work in a similar field.
  • I am also very passionate about helping others. I had the chance of working at the local animal shelter in the county that I live in. It is such a rewarding experience to help the animals find caring families that will give them a great new restart at life. In the 2 years of working there I (and my family) have adopted 4 beautiful dogs. Zeek- a black and white Australian Sheppard & Border Collie mix, Cali- a black lab mix, Thor- a tan Pit Bull & Brady- a black Pit Bull. They are a handful but I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Oh, and I can’t forget about my pig, Peppa! (yes, she’s named after Peppa Pig)

My life is always busy but my family and friends really help me keep it all together!


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